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Test Your English: Useful English Exercises


(A Book By Manik Joshi)


"Test Your English:

Useful English Exercises"

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[Series Name: 'English Worksheets' | Book No: 07]



This Book Covers the Following Topics


01. Conditional Sentences

02. Causative Sentences

03. Interrogative Sentences

04. Imperative Sentences

05. Beginning of a Sentence

06. Using Tenses

07. Collective Nouns

08. Reflexive Pronouns

09. Verb Forms

10. Prepositions -- I

11. Prepositions -- II

12. Idioms and Phrases -- I

13. Idioms and Phrases -- II

14. Idiomatic Comparisons

15. Repetition of Words -- I

16. Repetition of Words -- II

17. English Verb -- “BE”

18. English Verb -- “DO”

19. English Verb -- “Have”

20. English Modal Verbs

21. English Verb -- “Get”

22. English Past Verbs

23. Transitional Expressions

24. Common English Phrases -- I

25. Common English Phrases -- II

26. One-word Substitutes -- I

27. One-word Substitutes -- II

28. Complete the words -- I

29. Complete the words -- II

30. Complete the words -- III

31. Choose the Correct Spelling

32. English Synonyms

33. English Antonyms

34. Homophones

35. Compound Words -- I

36. Compound Words -- II

37. Compound Words -- III

38. Literary Terms

39. Informal Words -- I

40. Informal Words -- II

41. Phrasal Verbs -- I

42. Phrasal Verbs -- II

43. English Idioms -- I

44. English Idioms -- II

45. English Word Exercise -- I

46. English Word Exercise -- II

47. English Word Exercise -- III

48. English Word Exercise -- IV

49. English Word Exercise -- V

50. English Word Exercise – VI

Sample This:

"Conditional sentences” express factual implications, or hypothetical situations and their consequences.

Match the two halves of the sentences:-


PART – 1

01. Had the government taken action on that report at that time,

02. If anybody considers himself above the constitution

03. If given the opportunity,

04. If they fail to report to the department with a fortnight,

05. If we can engage with the great issues of our age,

06. If I had not had to do that extra work, and concentrated on myself

07. If there had been an engagement, it must have been a highly secretive affair and

08. They would socially boycott us

09. He could not have pitched tents inside graveyard

10. He said police need not upgraded his security and that he won’t blame it

11. I will not stop telling the truth,

12. If they require assistance,

13. Industrialists said if cash flow did not increase in the coming days,

14. If we went to the house of a worker and he was not present,

15. I can't turn off my email notifications, because my boss will think


PART – 2

(A). he would join the army and serve the nation.

(B). not only me but most of the others are unaware about it.

(C). even if you burn me alive.

(D). if something untoward were to happen to him.

(E). if we continued with our demand to raze the statue.

(F). we would not be caught in this situation today.

(G). even if he owned the land.

(H). I'm not working if I don't respond to him within five minutes.

(I). their service will be terminated.

(J). it might have been a different story coming into the final few days.

(K). more and more factories would have no option but to shut down.

(L). we can leverage the interest and attention of the millennial generation.

(M). we will provide immediately.

(N). then it is wrong.

(O). he can come at the camp for registration.


Answers to the Exercise 01:

01. (F) || 02. (N) || 03. (A) || 04. (I) || 05. (L) || 06. (J) || 07. (B) || 08. (E) || 09. (G) || 10. (D) | 11 (C) || 12. (M) || 13. (K) || 14. (O) || 15. (H)





E-Book Listing

Price: Free

Amazon Apple Nook
  Pothi Smashwords
Kobobooks Overdrive Google

Print Book Listing

Price: $7.99

Barnes & Noble Amazon

Print on Demand

[Series Name: 'English Worksheets' | Book No: 07]


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