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Dictionary of Adverbs: Vocabulary Building


(A Book By Manik Joshi)


"Dictionary of Adverbs: Vocabulary Building"

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[Series Name: 'English Word Power' | Book No: 23]



Sample This:


01 -- abaft -- in or behind the stern (back end) of a ship

02 -- abruptly -- (a). in an unpleasantly manner that is sudden, rapid or unexpected [synonyms: hastily, suddenly, unexpectedly] | (b). (related to way of talking) in an unfriendly manner

03 -- adeptly -- in a skilful way that shows natural ability or thorough proficiency [synonyms: adroitly, skillfully, proficiently]

04 -- aloft -- high up in or into the air; far above the ground [synonyms: overhead]

05 -- cagily -- in a manner that shows you are unwilling to give information due to distrust or caution [synonyms: evasively, secretively, warily]

06 -- disproportionately -- to an extent that is too large or too small when compared with something else [synonyms: erratically, inconsistently, unduly]

07 -- dulcetly -- in a way that is gentle and pleasant to the ear or agreeable to the eyes [synonyms: melodiously]

08 -- effusively -- in a way that expresses feelings or emotions in a heartfelt manner [synonyms: fervently, overenthusiastically, passionately]

09 -- enthusiastically -- in a way that makes it clear that you are intensely excitement about something [synonyms: eagerly, earnestly, fervently, passionately]

10 -- gratuitously -- needlessly, unnecessarily or unreasonably

11 -- grubbily -- (a). in a dirty way that involves something has been unwashed or has not been cleaned | (b). in an unpleasant and disreputable way because of involvement of dishonest or immoral activities [synonyms: untidily, unkemptly, messily, shoddily]

12 -- horrifyingly -- in a way that makes somebody feel extremely disgusting or frightened [synonyms: appallingly, dreadfully, horrifically]

13 -- insubstantially -- in a way that is not very large, strong or important [synonyms: weakly]

14 -- judiciously -- in a manner that shows care good judgment [synonyms: sensibly, prudently]

15 -- nearby -- not far away; close by

16 -- outstandingly -- in a way that seems very remarkable or extraordinary [synonyms: exceptionally, wonderfully]

17 -- palpably -- in a manner that can be easily noticeable with your senses [synonyms: blatantly, brazenly, conspicuously, flagrantly]

18 -- pathetically -- in a way that arouses shame, disappointment or sadness [synonyms: pitifully]

19 -- rebelliously -- (a). in a manner that shows unwillingness to obey the conventional rules | (b). in a manner that shows opposition or resistance to those in authority within an organization [synonyms: defiantly, disloyally, mutinously]

20 -- sickeningly -- (a). in a way that makes you feel disgusted or nauseating | (b). in way that makes you feel jealous or annoyed
21 -- somewhat -- to some degree or extent; [synonyms: fairly, rather]

22 -- succinctly -- in a few words [synonyms: briefly, concisely]

23 -- sympathetically -- in a way that shows that you care about somebody’s problems or support somebody’s views [synonyms: compassionately, considerately]

24 -- tendentiously -- in a way that expresses strong and controversial opinion about something

25 -- theologically -- in way that is related to the study of religious beliefs

26 -- trivially -- in a way that is unimportant or insignificant and thus not worth considering [synonyms: insignificantly, inconsequentially]

27 -- wholeheartedly -- in a ways that shows complete sincerity, commitment or enthusiasm [synonyms: dedicatedly]

28 -- wittingly -- with a purpose or knowingly [synonyms: deliberately, intentionally]





"Dictionary of Adverbs: Vocabulary Building"

E-Book Listing

Price: $0.99

Amazon Apple Nook
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Print Book Listing

Price: $7.99

Barnes & Noble Amazon

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[Series Name: 'English Word Power' | Book No: 23]


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