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Dictionary of Root Words


(A Book By Manik Joshi)


"Dictionary of Root Words: 
Greek and Latin Roots"

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[Series Name: 'English Word Power' | Book No: 17]



Sample This:


What are Root Words?


    A root, or root word is a word which is used to form another word. It is also called a base word. A root does not have a prefix (a letter or group of letters added to the beginning of a word) or a suffix (a letter or group of letters added to the end of a word). 
Root is the primary lexical unit of a word, and of a word family. 
    For example, pure is a root. By adding prefixes and suffixes, the following words could be made: 
impure, purity, pureness 
    Similarly, play and move are root words. By adding prefixes and suffixes, the following words could be made: 
plays, played, playing, player 
moving, movement, moved, movable, mover, movingly 
    In this book, I have given the most common Greek and Latin roots which are used in English language. 



Root Words – A



Origin: Latin

Meaning: away, from, off


abate -- to subside

abject -- hopeless

abjure -- to renounce

abnormal -- unusual | related words: abnormally / abnormality

abroad -- out of the country

abscess -- swelling

abscond -- to run away | related word: absconder

abseil -- to go down a steep cliff

absence -- nonattendance | related words: absent / absentee / absenteeism / absentia / absently

absolve -- to forgive

absorb -- to soak up | related words: absorbable / absorbance / absorbed / absorbency / absorbent / absorbing / absorption

abstain -- to give up something for moral reason | related words: abstainer / abstention / abstinence

abstemious -- critical

abstinent -- not having something for moral reason

abstract -- theoretical | related words: abstracted / abstractedly / abstraction / abstractly

abstruse -- difficult to understand; obscure

absurd -- ridiculous | related words: absurdist / absurdity / absurdly





Origin: Latin

Meaning: bitter


acerbic -- critical | related word: acerbity

exacerbate -- to make worse | related word: exacerbation





Origin: Latin

Meaning: bitter


acrid -- strong biter smell

acrimonious -- filled with hot words | related word: acrimoniously





Origin: Greek

Meaning: height / summit


acrobat -- an entertainer at a circus | related words: acrobatic / acrobatically / acrobatics

acrolet -- a language-form of high status

acrophobia -- fear of height

acropolis -- a castle on top of a hill





Origin: Latin

Meaning: white


albino -- somebody born with no pigment in skin | related word: albinism

albumen -- white of an egg





Origin: Latin

Meaning: other


alterable -- that can be changed | related word: unalterable

altercation -- noisy argument

alternate -- to follow one after other | related words: alternately / alternation / alternative





Origin: Latin

Meaning: both


ambidexterity -- ability to use both the left and right hand equally well | related word: ambidextrous

ambiguous -- double meaning; uncertain | related words: ambiguity / ambiguously / unambiguous

ambivalent -- showing both good and bad feelings | related words: ambivalence / ambivalently





Origin: Latin

Meaning: to walk


ambulant -- able to walk | related word: ambulatory

perambulate -- a slow walk for pleasure | related word: perambulator / perambulation

somnambulist -- sleepwalker | related word: somnambulism





Origin: Latin

Meaning: friend


amiable -- friendly and sociable | related words: amiability / amiably

amicable -- polite and friendly | related word: amicably

amity -- friendship or peace





Origin: Latin

Meaning: breath, life


animate -- having life; to make something full of liveliness | related words: animated / animatedly / animation / animato / animator

animateur -- a person who promotes social activities

animism -- the belief that natural objects possess soul | related words: animist / animistic





Origin: Latin

Meaning: yearly


anniversary -- a particular day related to special occasion every year

annuity -- yearly allowance





Origin: Greek

Meaning: human


anthropocentric -- having strong belief in humanity | related word: anthropocentricism

anthropoid -- similar to a human in appearance

anthropomorphic -- personified | related word: anthropomorphism

anthropology -- study of human origin and development | related words: anthropological / anthropologist

misanthrope -- a person who hates other people | related words: misanthropic / misanthropy

philanthropy -- humanity | related words: philanthropic / philanthropy





Origin: Latin

Meaning: water


aquaculture -- the act of growing of plants in water for food

aqualung -- a device for breathing for divers

aquamarine -- a pale greenish-blue stone or color

aquaplane -- an equipment used in boat

aquarium -- container to keep fish and water plants

aquarobics -- physical exercises that are done in water

aquatic -- growing near water





Origin: Greek

Meaning: ruler


anarchy -- a country without government | related word: anarchist

autarchy -- economic independence | related word: autarchic

hierarchy -- arrangement of people into different levels of importance

matriarchy -- a country or system ruled by women | related words: matriarch / matriarchal

monarchy -- a country ruled by a king or queen | related words: monarch / monarchial / monarchist

oligarchy -- a country ruled by a small group of people | related word: oligarch

patriarchy -- a country or system ruled by men | related words: patriarch / patriarchate / patriarchal





Origin: Latin

Meaning: hearing


audible -- capable of being heard | related words: audibly / audibility

audience -- crowd of listeners

auditorium -- a building for public meetings, etc.




Some More Root Words -- A

Root Word [Origin] -- Meaning | Example(s)

a [Greek] -- not | achromatic

ablut [Latin] -- wash | ablutions

abort [Latin] -- born too soon | abortion

abras [Latin] -- rub off | abrasion

abund [Latin] -- overflow | abundant

acceler [Latin] -- hasten | accelerate

acid [Latin] -- sour | acidity, acidify

acm [Greek] -- summit | acme

adip [Latin] -- fat | adipose

adul [Latin] -- flatter | adulation, adulatory

adulter [Latin] -- pollute | adulteration

ag [Latin] -- toward | agile

agr [Greek] -- field | agrarian, agriculture (agriculturist, agricultural)

alb [Latin] -- white | albino, albumen

alti [Latin] -- high | altimeter, altitude

ameb/amoeb [Greek] -- change | amoeba

amor [Greek] -- liking | amorous

amph [Greek] -- both | amphibian

ampl [Latin] -- plentiful | amplitude

andr [Greek] -- masculine | androgynous

anomal [Greek] -- irregular | anomaly, anomalous

aper [Latin] -- open | aperture

ara [Latin] -- plow | arable

arist [Greek] -- excellence | aristocracy

arthr [Greek] -- joint | arthropod

aster [Greek] -- star | asteroid, asterisk

athl [Greek] -- contest | decathlon, pentathlon

aug [Latin] -- increase | augment

auri [Latin] -- relating to the ear | auricle

avar [Latin] -- greed | avarice




Other Root Words -- A

Root Word [Origin] -- Meaning

ablat [Latin] -- remove

abr [Greek] -- delicate

aca [Greek] -- point; silence

acanth [Greek] -- thorn

acar [Greek] -- tiny

ace [Greek] -- heal

acer [Latin] -- sharp

acet [Latin] -- vinegar

ach [Greek] -- pain

achr [Greek] -- colorless

aco [Greek] -- relief

acrib [Greek] -- exact

acrit [Greek] -- confused

acut [Latin] -- sharp

ade [Greek] -- enough

adol [Greek] -- genuine

adr [Greek] -- thick

aegi [Latin] -- shield

aegr [Latin] -- sick

aeno [Greek] -- terrible

aep [Greek] -- tall

aequa [Latin] -- equal

aero [Greek] -- atmosphere

aesthet [Greek] -- sensitive

aeth [Greek] -- unusual

aeti [Greek] -- cause

aga [Greek] -- very

agall [Greek] -- adorn

agan [Greek] -- gentle

agath [Greek] -- good

agglutin [Latin] -- joined together with glue

agn [Greek] -- pure

agr [Greek] -- booty

aist [Greek] -- unseen

ale [Greek] -- strong

aleo [Greek] -- warm

alia [Greek] -- assembly

alio [Greek] -- different

alluv [Latin] -- overflow

ama [Greek] -- together

amal [Greek] -- soft

amar [Latin] -- bitter

ambl [Greek] -- blunt

ambo [Latin] -- both

amor [Latin] -- liking




E-Book Listing

Price: $3.49

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Print Book Listing

Price: $9.99

Barnes & Noble Amazon

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[Series Name: 'English Word Power' | Book No: 17]


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