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A Book By Manik Joshi



"Dictionary of One-word Substitution:


Vocabulary Building"

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[Series Name: 'English Word Power' | Book No.: 13]



This Book Covers The Following Topics:


(01). Related Words
(02). Scientific Studies
(03). That Which Cannot Be…
(04). Types of Behavior
(05). Types of Doctors
(06). Different Instruments
(07). A Particular Type of Place
(08). A Particular Type of Person
(09). Phobia and Mania
(10). Connected With…
(11). Country-Government
(12). Types of States
(13). Types of Statements
(14). Money-Related
(15). Other Topics
(A). Professions
(B). A Collection of Things
(C). Act of Killing
(D). Physical Appearance of A Person
(16). Various One-word Substitutes



Sample This:


(01). Related Words


01a. A person who looks at the bright side of things -- Optimist 
01b. A person who looks at the dark side of things -- Pessimist 
02a. All the animals living in a particular area -- Fauna 
02b. Plants and vegetation in a particular area -- Flora 
03a. A government tax on goods brought into the country -- Customs 
03b. A government tax on goods made within a country -- Excise 
04a. A person who is more interested in others -- Extrovert 
04b. A person who keeps himself to himself -- Introvert 
05a. That which cannot be harmful or dangerous -- Innocuous 
05b. Causing serious harm in gradual or unnoticeable way -- Insidious 
06a. A person who is taking examination -- Examinee 
06b. A person who examine the copies of examinees -- Examiner 

07a. A person who talks too much -- Garrulous/Loquacious 
07b. A person who eats too much -- Glutton 
08a. To suddenly change direction -- Deflect 
08b. To keep on changing direction during movement -- Meander 
09a. Ability to know something on the basis of feelings rather than reasoning -- Intuition 
09b. Ability to speak without moving your lips -- Ventriloquism 
10a. To change a law in order to improve it -- Amend 
10b. To correct the mistakes in manuscript, etc. -- Emend 
11a. A person between 70 and 79 years old -- Septuagenarian 
11b. A person between 80 and 89 years old -- Octogenarian 
12a. Animals having spinal column -- Vertebrate 
12b. An animal with thick skin -- Pachyderm 
13a. Obeying rules and requests -- Compliance 
13b. Open refusal to obey -- Defiance 
14a. The state of being married -- Matrimony 
14b. The state of being unmarried -- Bachelorhood 
15a. A woman whose husband has died -- Widow 
15b. A man whose wife has died -- Widower 
16a. Things of different nature -- Heterogeneous 
16b. Things of same nature -- Homogeneous 
17a. A religious song -- Hymn 
17b. A pleasant song used for causing children to sleep -- Lullaby 
18a. To rise in value -- Appreciate 
18b. To go down in value -- Depreciate 
19a. A disorder in which person eats too less because of abnormal fear of being fat -- Anorexia 
19b. A disorder in which person repeatedly eats too much -- Bulimia 
20a. To increase the intensity of a disease -- Aggravate 
20b. To go from bad to worse -- Deteriorate 
21a. A school for small children -- Kindergarten 
21b. A student who has left school or class without permission -- Truant 
22a. To free somebody from all blame -- Exonerate 
22b. To free a person from a charge by verdict -- Acquit 
23a. A co-worker in the same institution -- Colleague 
23b. Equal in rank -- Peer 
24a. An office with high salary but no work -- Sinecure 
24b. A position in an organization without salary -- Honorary 
25a. An assembly of hearers at a lecture or concert -- Audience 
25b. An assembly of worshippers -- Congregation 






Price [eBook]: $2.99

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Price [Print]: $7.99

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[Series Name: 'English Word Power' | Book No.: 13]



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