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Daily English- Important Notes


(A Book By Manik Joshi)


"Daily English- Important Notes:
Improve Your English"

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[Series Name: 'English Daily Use' | Book No: 30]



This Book Covers The Following Topics:


01. Collective Phrases
02. Cries of Creatures
03(A). Young Ones of Birds/Animals/Insects
03(B). Animals/Birds/Insects and Their Homes
04. Flowers and the Quality They Refer to
05. Anniversary Gifts
06. Idiomatic Comparisons
07. Natives

Sample This:


01. Collective Phrases




Meaning: gradual increase of something in number or quantity


an accumulation of capital

an accumulation of fat

an accumulation of laws

an accumulation of paperwork



Meaning: a large group of armed ships | a large group of people, things, etc.


an armada of drivers

an armada of gunboats

an armada of trucks

an armada of vessels


03. ARMY

Meaning: an organized group of people or things


an army of advisers

an army of ants

an army of nurses

an army of photographers

an army of robots

an army of soldiers

an army of volunteers



Meaning: an impressive group or collection of things or people


an array of activities

an array of bottles

an array of costumes

an array of hats

an array of jackets

an array of programs

an array of regulations

an array of services

an array of styles

an array of topics

an array of weapons



Meaning: a collection of different things or of different types of the same thing


an assortment of artists

an assortment of clothes

an assortment of dishes

an assortment of evidence

an assortment of films

an assortment of games

an assortment of gifts

an assortment of homes

an assortment of plates

an assortment of weapons


06. BAND

Meaning: a group of people who do something together or who have the same ideas, interest or purpose


a band of criminals

a band of activists

a band of musicians

a band of outlaws

a band of protesters

a band of singers

a band of thieves


07. BALE

Meaning: a large amount of a light material; pressed or wrapped tightly together and tied up with cords, etc.


a bale of cardboard

a bale of cotton

a bale of the fibers

a bale of hay

a bale of paper

a bale of straw

a bale of wool



Meaning: a sudden and aggressive occurrence of large number of something, that are directed at somebody


a barrage of abuses

a barrage of attacks

a barrage of bullets

a barrage of changes

a barrage of complaints

a barrage of criticism

a barrage of digital ads

a barrage of emails

a barrage of gunfire

a barrage of phone calls

a barrage of punches

a barrage of queries

a barrage of questions

a barrage of tests



Meaning: a number of people or things that are regarded as a group | a consignment of goods produced at one time


a batch of bottles

a batch of cookies

a batch of ice cream

a batch of images

a batch of letters

a batch of noodles

a batch of petitions

a batch of players

a batch of students

a batch of vehicles


10. BEVY

Meaning: a large group of people or things of the same kind


a bevy of dancers

a bevy of girls or women

a bevy of laws

a bevy of models

a bevy of officers

a bevy of proposals

a bevy of quails

a bevy of schools

a bevy of sensors

a bevy of vendors



Meaning: a powerful group of people who make decisions and control a company or other organization


a board of advisors

a board of commissioners

a board of directors

a board of doctors

a board of governors

a board of legislators

a board of managers

a board of regents

a board of service operators

a board of supervisors

a board of trustees




E-Book Listing

Price: $0.99

Amazon Apple Nook
  Pothi Smashwords
Kobobooks Overdrive Google

Print Book Listing

Price: $7.99

Barnes & Noble Amazon

Print on Demand

[Series Name: 'English Daily Use' | Book No: 30]


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