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Common English Phrases


(A Book By Manik Joshi)


"Common English Phrases:
Phrases Containing Two Or More Words"

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[Series Name: 'English Daily Use' | Book No: 29]



Sample This:


What are Phrases?


In simple words, phrases are ‘group of words’ which have particular meaning when used together.


Phrases may contain two or more words. 

You can also define ‘phrase’ in the following words:


Phrase is a group of words acting as a single part of speech and not containing both a subject and a verb.


Phrase is said to be apt, brief and cogent expression. 


Phrase is a small group of words which may stand together on its own.



Phrases containing two or more words are very common in daily use English. Below is the list of phrases in alphabetical order.  



Common English Phrases - A



[Meaning: suffering]

Common Phrases:

Cyclone-affected areas

Explosion-affected people

Famine-affected region

Flood-affected city

Rain-affected families

Violence-affected community



[Meaning: badly affected]

Common Phrases:

Disease-afflicted infant

Drought-afflicted villages

Terror-afflicted countries



Common Phrases:

Advancing age

Age defying beauty products

Age gap

Age-old conventions / custom / tradition / social norms

Cut-off age

Lower / upper age limit

Marriageable age

Old-age complications



[Meaning: each and every one; completely; in the highest degree]

Common Phrases:

All-out offensive

All-state shutdown

All-terrain truck

All-weather roads

All-woman bank



Common Phrases:

Animal instincts

Animal rights groups

Animal-human conflict

Aquatic animal

Stray-animal feeders



[Meaning: the opposite of; opposite to; preventing]

Common Phrases:

Anti-aircraft missiles

Anti-auto theft squad team

Anti-bacterial treatment

Anti-biotic drug

Anti-competitive practices

Anti-copying act

Anti-corruption body / watchdog

Anti-drug drive

Anti-encroachment drive

Anti-extremism campaign

Anti-graft activist / court

Anti-hate laws

Anti-inflammatory effect

Anti-liquor stir

Anti-malarial medications

Anti-national destabilizing agenda

Anti-national elements / mindset

Anti-obscene calls cell

Anti-people policies

Anti-poaching steps

Anti-rowdy squad

Anti-sabotage team

Antiseptic cream

Anti-spam legislation

Anti-terror cooperation / system

Anti-terrorism intelligence unit

Anti-theft checking campaign



[Meaning: carrying or having weapons]

Common Phrases:

Nuclear-armed countries / state

Rifle-armed guard

Shotgun-armed policeman



Common Phrases:

Arial attacks


Cowardly attack

Dreadful terror attacks

Maximum impact attack

Sectarian attacks

Vigilante group attack



Common Phrases:

Attention-grabbing headline / stunts

Attention-seeking behaviour



Common Phrases:

Attitude problem

Broad-minded attitude

Callus / confrontation / negative / obstinate / positive attitude


Phrases starting with ‘-ed, -en, etc. Words’

Abandoned dug-cum bore well

Accumulated anger

Agitated mob

Alleged student

Animated cartoons

Appalled silence

Apprehended litigation

Armed conflict / uprising

Assumed name

Attempted robbery


Also Note:

Construction-allied industries

Flight-associated headaches

Huge-accounted wealth

Internationally acclaimed poet

State-advised price


Phrases starting with ‘-ing Words’

Acting chairman of city

Adjoining banks

Ailing former leader

Aspiring candidates for MITs

Aspiring immigrants to Germany

Aspiring policeman

Awe-inspiring crafts


Other Common Phrases – A

A little less pitiable situation
A little noticed fact
A little off-white appearance
Abode of the gods
Abortive bid
Abrupt departure
Absolute authority
Absorbent paper
Abstract principles
Academic excellence / qualifications
Academically bright student
Access control system
Accident insurance / spot / site
Accused applicant
Aches and pains
Active involvement / part / participation
Actively zealous
Actual fact
Acutely conscious
Adhesive quality
Administrative error / sources
Admissible evidence
Adolescent boys / girls
Advance notice / tax / warning / booking
Adventurous mind
Adverse circumstances / effect / experience / verdict
Advertising campaign
Advisory body / committee
Aerial display fireworks
Agreement of negotiation
Air-conditioned bus
Aluminum foil
Amateur photographer
Ambitious project
Ample hint
An American of Indian descent
Analytical survey
Ancestor worship
Ancient civilization
Ancillary services
Animated cartoons / discussion
Annual ancestor worship
Annual budget / income / meeting / report
Anxious face
Apocalyptic moment
Application form
Approaches and departures
Aptitude test
Aromatic fragrance / oils
Art exhibition
Artificial fertilizer / limb
As above so below
Assembly elections
Atheist ideology
Atomic energy
Attention motion / span
Auspicious day / moment
Autonomous province
Average income community
Award ceremony
Awareness rally



E-Book Listing

Price: $2.99

Amazon Apple Nook
  Pothi Smashwords
Kobobooks Overdrive Google

Print Book Listing

Price: $10.99

Barnes & Noble Amazon

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[Series Name: 'English Daily Use' | Book No: 29]


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