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Speak English Sentences Everyday


(A Book By Manik Joshi)


"Speak English Sentences Everyday:
50 Most Common Words"

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[Series Name: 'English Daily Use' | Book No: 27]



This Book Covers The Following Topics:


01 – English Sentences -- After
02 – English Sentences -- Against
03 – English Sentences -- All
04 – English Sentences -- Around
05 – English Sentences -- Away
06 – English Sentences -- Back
07 – English Sentences -- Before
08 – English Sentences -- Break
09 – English Sentences -- Bring
10 – English Sentences -- Call
11 – English Sentences -- Carry
12 – English Sentences -- Come
13 – English Sentences -- Continue
14 – English Sentences -- Down
15 – English Sentences -- Ever
16 – English Sentences -- Fall
17 – English Sentences -- Give
18 – English Sentences -- Go
19 – English Sentences -- Hold
20 – English Sentences -- Into
21 – English Sentences -- Just
22 – English Sentences -- Keep
23 – English Sentences -- Lead
24 – English Sentences -- Leave
25 – English Sentences -- Let
26 – English Sentences -- Lie/Lay
27 – English Sentences -- Like
28 – English Sentences -- Look
29 – English Sentences -- Make
30 – English Sentences -- Name
31 – English Sentences -- Once
32 – English Sentences -- Off
33 – English Sentences -- On
34 – English Sentences -- Out
35 – English Sentences -- Over
36 – English Sentences -- Pull
37 – English Sentences -- Push
38 – English Sentences -- Put
39 – English Sentences -- Remain
40 – English Sentences -- Run
41 – English Sentences -- Set
42 – English Sentences -- Since
43 – English Sentences -- Stand
44 – English Sentences -- Take
45 – English Sentences -- Through
46 – English Sentences -- Throw
47 – English Sentences -- Turn
48 – English Sentences -- Up
49 – English Sentences -- Upon
50 – English Sentences -- Way


Sample This:


01 – English Sentences -- After


Period (a particular length of time) + After

[This Pattern Is Used To Denote “Following Something In Time”]

Area was cordoned off an hour after the incident.

A picture was released a day after the attack.

Statement came 10 days after police claim.

The committee was formed two days after expose.

She had gone missing a few days after her husband was kidnapped.

He was saved a few days after other members were rescued.

She was killed weeks after returning from years in exile.

The shooting came less than a year after a massacre at main market.

That was more than 10 years after we had seen each other last.

She received a call soon after at her residence.

Soon after being informed by people, police swung into action.

Chopper collided mid-air shortly after take-off from an air base here.

The satellite started malfunctioning shortly after its deployment in orbit.

People will remember the song long after we are gone.

A week after abducted executive rescued, city has been rocked by abduction.

Three months after she took over reins of the state, she fulfilled her poll promises.

Two days after she got married, a 22-year old woman won the prestigious award.

Three days after hundred patients were treated, fifty more were admitted.


Noun + After + Noun

[This pattern is used to show something happens many times or continuously.]

He missed opportunity after opportunity.

Village has been caught in controversy after controversy.


You Can Also Use The Following Patterns:

One + Noun + After + Another

He missed one opportunity after another.

Village has been caught in one controversy after another.

The industry at large has faced one pain after another.

He indulged in one scam after another.


One After The Other

He established loyalty with three persons one after the other.

Events are taking place one after the other.

Many enemies came into his life one after the other.

One after the other, the survivors came out, each better than the other.

There were false allegations one after the other.


Two Events

Second Event (Simple Past) + After + First Event (Past Perfect)

I returned after he had gone.

He came after night had fallen.

I reached after the train had already left.   



She named his daughter after Lincoln.

The scheme (was) named after Party founder.

Indian NSG was modelled after their UK’s SAS.

My dog went after the thief.

Passengers said they heard a loud explosion after which the bus hurtled down.  



02 – English Sentences -- Against


AGAINST – Used To Show ‘Disadvantage, Disagreement, Contrast, Opposition, Touch, Etc.’

11 members voted against him.

Both have decided against going.

City is racing against time.

Come up with a strong law against such heinous crimes.

He is locked in a straight contest against her.

He nurtured a deep grudge against her.

He pressed the button against the name of the candidate.

He put a tick against her name.

He warned resident against giving any clue to security forces.

He will have an FIR against him.

I lifted the paper against the light to see it was shaded.

It also goes against the traditional view.

It was one against one.

My head dashed against my seat.

Price went up to $1000/quintal on Aug 8 against $900 on Aug 3.

She and her daughter already have nine cases against them.

She flung papers and levelled allegations against the Chair.

She has lived against all odds.

She led a major uprising against rival forces.

She married against her parents' wishes.

She struggled to open the door against the debris.

She was married against her will.

Take up legal course against his expulsion.

There has been a wicked campaign against them.

There has been no action taken against accused.

They were more against the abuse of power by the high and mighty than in support of two wronged individuals.

White house opted against an immediate response.

Woman spent 17 years in Iran against her will.

Women pressed their bodies up against the door.

Workers softened his stand against employer.



03 – English Sentences -- All


All I can now do is move on.

All I have is his photograph.

All four died of organ failure.

All his life he conquered fire.

All were drowned.

All happened because he was handicapped.

All I can do is move a petition.

All of it is rooted in our commitment to serve you better.

All proceedings came to a standstill.

All the buses go that side.

All they seemed to know was basic things.

All we had to do was pay $200.

All anti-terrorists operations have been halted.

All is certainly not well with the big cats.

All of this is yours.

All we can do is hope for the best.


Bonfire reduces to ashes all that are evil.

He lost all his land to his habit.

I have done all I could do for him.

Money was all she could think about.

Now all we have is your sweet memories.

The present moment is all you ever have.

This is all I have.

Today all we have are memories of her.


They all agree.

We all have the opportunity to change someone’s life.

We have all decided to come together.

The marks have all vanished.

It has all been resolved.


Games were all about corruption.

Tell me all about it.

The troops are alert all along the LoC.

I had identity card in my pocket all along [all along -- all the time, from the beginning]

We went all around the garden.

There were handshakes all around.

State is all geared up to celebrate its 50th foundation day on Tuesday.

We are from our side taking all the measures.

Police team was in city all of last week.

It is all one (just the same) to me whether he lives in Peru or Portugal.

They travelled all over the country.

It is all over.

Her family looked for her all over but in vain.

We looked all over (everywhere).

Beyond all question (undoubtedly) she is a great singer.

You will be all right by doing so.

Water-level is dropping to all time low.

The level of trust is on an all time low.

That was valid at all times and in all circumstances.

You have to be on your guard all the time.

She saw all this.

The response to all this needs to be firm.

People from all walks of life come here.


Right from the director to the guard he is ‘sir’ to all.

Love your relations, but above all your country. [above all -- most important of all]

He does not read at all. [at all – in any way]

I don’t know where or how he is or whether he is alive at all.

Man, after all, is man not a beast. [after all – in spite of everything]

This after all is the year of the general elections.

After all, marriage doesn’t happen every day.

He is all in all in his family.

There were six of us in all for lunch.




E-Book Listing

Price: $2.99

Amazon Apple Nook
  Pothi Smashwords
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Print Book Listing

Price: $11.99

Barnes & Noble Amazon

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[Series Name: 'English Daily Use' | Book No: 27]


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