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How to Start A Sentence


(A Book By Manik Joshi)



"How to Start A Sentence:
Words to Begin Sentences"

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[Series Name: 'English Daily Use' | Book No: 01]



This Book Covers The Following Topics:


How to Start a Sentence
Start a Sentence -- Using ‘AS’
Start a Sentence -- Using ‘AFTER’ and ‘BEFORE’
Start a Sentence -- Using ‘BY’
Start a Sentence -- Using ‘FOR/FROM
Start a Sentence -- Using ‘IF’
Start a Sentence -- Using ‘OF/ON/OUT’
Start a Sentence -- Using ‘TO’
Start a Sentence -- Using ‘IN’
Start a Sentence -- Using ‘WITH’
Start a Sentence -- Using ‘QUESTION WORDS’
Start a Sentence -- Using ‘ING’ FORM of VERBS
Start a Sentence -- Using ‘PAST PARTICIPLES’
Start a Sentence -- Using ‘-LY Words’
Start a Sentence -- Using ‘PRONOUNS’
Start a Sentence – Miscellaneous
Exercises: 1(A) and 1(B)
Exercises: 2(A) and 2(B)


Sample This:



How to Start a Sentence


There are different ways to start a sentence in English. Using pronoun (I, we, you, they, he, she, it) is the most popular way to begin a sentence. But there are many other words which are widely used to start a sentence. They might be question words (what, where, etc.). They might be words formed from verbs, ending in –ing, -ed, -en, etc. Besides, words such as ‘to’ ‘in’ ‘with’, ‘if’, ‘after’ are also used to begin a sentence.
Here, you will learn various words and phrases to start a sentence with.

Important Note:

Starting a sentence with ‘and’ or ‘but’ is correct or not!


Using ‘And’ or ‘But’ to begin a sentence is generally considered grammatically Incorrect. But there is no hard and fast rule in this regard. So, you can use ‘And’ or But’ to begin a sentence. But avoid excessive use of these words to begin a sentence. Use these words in the beginning of a sentence only when they really give strength to your language.


Note: It is said that a sentence should not be begun with a conjunction of any kind, especially one of the FANBOYS (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so). But this is not hard and fast rule. Particularly in spoken English, starting a sentence with ‘And’ or ‘But’ is common.



How to Start a Sentence -- 

Using ‘AS’


As a matter of fact no notice was given to anyone.

As a policeman myself, I am aware of all the laws.

As against last time four days, the fair will last for five days this year.

As always, he won the match.

As an interim arrangement, he directed the authorities not to return the land.

As fate would have it, he crossed the international border.

As for David, he is doing fine.

As for the difficulty in searching for the honest people, it is not such a big task.

As he got busy, she picked up his son.

As he grew older, he developed his communications skills.

As if the bad power situation in the city wasn’t enough, the hike in power tariff has come as the last straw for residents.

As in the past, party president distanced herself from the government’s unpopular decision.

As long as here is violence by unruly mobs, use of police force is inevitable.

As news of PM's hospitalization spread, fans and admirers began lining up outside the hospital.

As of now, they have not found any evidence against him.

As often happened, he forgot to send me reply.

As part of the deal, they will hand-over control of five towns.

As penance, he vowed to never scold any kid ever again.

As per his version, nobody had got injured in the incident.

As per rules, the same bill should be passed by the two Houses of the Parliament before it is sent to the President for his signature and promulgation for implementation.

As sanitary workers are absent on most of the days, sweeping of roads are also irregular resulting in trash along the road.

As the bus was nearing, / As the bus neared him, he moved aside.

As the day progressed, over a hundred men protestors gathered at the office.

As the electric cables are hanging loosely, it may anytime lead to major accident if any passer-by comes into contact.

As the mercury levels are dropping each day, difficulties for the poor are constantly rising.

As the situation in the town worsened, jittery people rushed back to their homes.

As the war widened, they had to leave the city.

As we grow older, we are more in control of our lives.

As we progresses, it is going to become more and more difficult.

As you know, I have sent him a letter.


Additional Examples:

As a first step . . .

As a result . . .

As a rule . . .

As an emergency measure . . .

As an example . . .

As an illustration . . .

As being a latest technology . . .

As explained by . . .

As far as this issue goes . . .

As has been reported earlier . . .

As he grew older he waited patiently for a . . .

As identified by . . .

As is the custom . . .

As passions run high over the attack . . .

As per our customs . . .

As per sources . . .

As the day broke . . .

As the earth/window shook . . .

As things stand now/today . . .

As time goes by . . .



How to Start a Sentence -- 

Using ‘AFTER’ and ‘BEFORE’


After a photo of what seemed to be a soldier taken hostage by militants appeared on the Internet, Army Chief said no soldier was missing.

After being elected, the President becomes apolitical, rising above the level of politics.

After being on the run for several days, he was arrested in his native village.

After he was arrested, police caught another person.

After hours of hard walk on tough mountainous paths, he collapsed due to fatigue.

After I had shut the door, I opened the safe.

After making the guard unconscious, they tried to rob the bank.

After messing up, they wanted me to pay!

After questioning for more than 15 hours, the police are nowhere near unraveling what happened on that fateful night.

After receiving ragging complaint, the college authorities constituted a five-member committee to probe the matter and also gave a police complaint.

After several incidents of theft were reported, officials launched an investigation.

After she left the room, the quarrel broke out again between them.

After spending one whole day without food or water, we had almost lost all hope of returning home safely.

After the cabinet clears the proposal, they can initiate the process for turning it into a reality.

After the information was passed over to airport, anti-hijack and anti-sabotage measures were initiated.

After the slip, he showed good humour and immediately joked about it.

After they came, the lights went out.

After two weeks, rebels tried to expand hold on city.

After undergoing dialysis, a patient usually feels weak and is advised rest.


Before he came to the U.S., he had done little travelling.

Before moving the court, he had approached the CM.

Before school is out, I will have returned all of my library books.

Before the timer could go off, bomb was defused.

Before we can tell them about the discount, they will have bought the tickets.


Additional Examples:

After a delay of well over three months . . .

After being married . . .

After five months into the present financial year . . .

After five years of negotiations . . .

After going through all the details . . .

After having gone to London . . .

After having worked for a single aim . . .

After initial opposition . . .

After laying the foundation . . .

After over four years of rule . . .

After three months of probe . . .

After work has been done . . .

Before criticizing someone. . .

Before fleeing on motorbikes . . .

Before she sent him message. . .

Before taking decision. . .

Before the function . . .

Before these suggestions could be implemented . . .





E-Book Listing

Price: $0.99










Print Book Listing

Price: $7.99

Barnes & Noble


Print on Demand

[Series Name: 'English Daily Use' | Book No: 01]


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