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    I am vociferous supporter of freedom of speech until it doesn't infringe rights of others. Everyone should give due regard to both print media and electronic media. There shouldn't be unnecessary ban on flow of information. 

    Currently, social media is playing vital role in human life. Facebook, blogger, twitter and similar sites have changed the world. Now everyone has opportunity to express himself or herself. 

    Development of the media is for betterment of entire humanity. We all should work for further strengthening of the media. 

    We should not forget that the media is the medium of raising our voice against something bad or for something good. There are many elements who act against the freedom of the media because of some personal aspirations. These elements must be discouraged. There are also many people who misuse the power of the media. We need to be cautious about activities of these people as well.



Exclusive Permission For Media Houses


   'Recognized media houses' (print media and online media) are allowed to publish content from this site on the condition that they will mention the resource of the content (name of this website www.manikjoshi.com) after or before the published material. Similarly recognized TV channels (all across the world) are allowed to air the content on the condition that they will attribute manikjoshi.com as the resource of the content. 







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