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My Spouse


    I AM 'Proudly and Happily' UNMARRIED (As of Aug 31, 2017)

  • There is nothing like ‘ideal life-partner’ in this world!

  • There is nothing like ‘perfect-match’ in this world!

  • You shouldn't have 'very high' expectations from your partner.

  • You must be practical, if you want to have successful married life.

    As for marriage ceremony, I think it should be a quite affair. I regard wedding as a personal matter and could never understand why people 'waste' their time and money in wedding ceremonies.
    In my opinion every marriage should be 'legally approved'. It would secure 'rights' of both the partners. As I am an atheist, 'religious approval' of marriage is of no value for me


Let's Have Some Fun

Negative Views About Marriage

Marriage - 


Volt Current

  • Marriage is the bitterest fruit.

  • Marriage ruins the freedom of both the partners.

  • Marriage is the most destructive weapon.

  • Marriage is mental torture in the name of love.

  • Marriage renders everyone bonded.

  • Marriage is kind of hammering which strike on both (couple) who get married.

  • Marriage is a one day’s paradise.

  • Marriage is a sort of death sentence.

  • Marriage is just a compromise.

  • Marriage is the biggest myth of the world.


Positive Views About Marriage
You don't need to watch "horror movies" for entertainment. It is always there once you get married.
Sounds Like A Good Joke!

As Marriage Is "Risky Affair", Men Should Think of Getting Married After 80 Years Of Their Life When They Would Have Nothing To Lose.
Groom will be 80, Bride will be 18! 
Perfectly legal!
Sounds Like Another Good Joke!

One day, I saw a strange-looking girl in my dream. She had three noses, five eyes, seven ears, nine legs, and eleven hands. She asked me, "Would you marry me?" I replied, "You better go to outer space and put your proposal to an 'alien'. She further said, "I had indeed proposed an 'alien' but he suggested me to propose Mr. Manik Joshi (from India on planet Earth), the strangest person in the universe. That's why I came up to you." 
Then I suddenly woke up from my dream.

Sounds Like A Good Joke!
It Is Indeed A Joke.

Unless You Get Married,
You Just Can't Be Serious About It.

Last Updated On Jul 25, 2017



Manik Joshi Doesn't Like Kids

Govt. of India Promotes Policy of 'We Two, Our Two'. It Would Be Better If This Policy Stated 'We Two, Our Zero'


No Kids, No Tension


My Partner Preference
[I Have a Good Sense of Humour] 


Bride’s Age

 Min. 1 millisecond / Max. 999 Trillion Years


 Min. 0.01 Micron / Max. 1,000,000 Miles


 Min. 0.01 milligram / Max. 999999 Ton


 Snow-white or Coal-black

Relationship Status

 Unmarried / "Un-boyfriended"

Mother Tongue

 'Dumb-Doll' is Also Acceptable

Physical Status

 Yes [She shouldn't be Ghost/Spirit]

Eating Habits

 Doesn’t Matter 

 [But she mustn't be 'brain-eater']

Smoking Habits


 [I don't need house-burner]

Drinking Habits


 [I don't need blood-sucker]



 Any [If 'Alien', then also no problem']


 Black Hole

Residing State

 "Healthy Mind"

Residing City

 Must Be Below Sea, Above Sky



 Any [Self-taught is also acceptable]


 Any [Except - "Divorce Lawyer"]

Annual Income

 Any [What Else Can I Say?]


 It's your problem.


    I AM 'Proudly and Happily' UNMARRIED (As of Aug 31, 2017)

Be Careful! Better Half May Become Bitter Half Of Your Life.

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