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Manik Joshi -- Crisis Management


 Personal Crisis Management


    No one can avoid crisis. How we manage them is what matters. A crisis can affect an individual, group, community, or whole society.

    All of us go through the lows, but some sometimes, some events on the personal life such as harm to ourselves or fear of loss of our loved ones start impacting our day-to-day activities as well. It can also affect our overall performance.

   Crisis is a crucial situation that is expected to upset the normal functioning of your behavior and may lead to an unstable and dangerous situation.


     In a personal life, you may have to face crisis because of ‘internal or external reasons.’ Internal events such as serious health problems, marital or family disputes, unemployment/job loss cause you to feel distress. You may also have to face crisis into your personal life because of external events such as natural or man-made disasters (floods, earthquakes hurricanes, tornados, wars, social unrest, etc.)


    Soon after we suffer a setback, we may have a range of negative feelings – anger, annoyance, disappointment, displeasure, distress, frustration, guilt, helplessness, humiliation, longing, numbness, regret, shame, shock, etc. In any crisis, controlling your emotions is getting the job half done.


    Experiencing a crisis in personal life can make us feel as though our life is spinning out of control. Any crisis could affect our attitude toward life. If I suffer a setback I take time away from all other activities to get through this period of time. Life may not be the same as it was before. But I always try to emerge from any crisis stronger than ever before. To remain hopeful about your future is one of the most important parts of personal crisis management. We can overcome personal crisis without too much trouble if we have positive coping skills.


   I keep emotions under control in any crisis. Patience and perseverance are key tools to manage a crisis. I always aim for the best but prepare myself for the worst. I try to fix the priority issues first. I try not to overreact because it may make the matter worse.


    Moreover, I avoid reacting immediately. Instead, I let the first few minutes or hours or days go because any problem at hand looks much bigger than it does in hindsight. I try not to get angry and prefer to use humour to lighten things up. It is important to maintain calm during a crisis. I sometime take advice from those more experience than me. I try to take control of the situation before the situation controls me.


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