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Manik Joshi -- Time Management


'Time-related' Popular Idioms/Phrases
There is no time like the present.
A stitch in time (saves nine).
Now is the moment.
One today is better than two tomorrow.
Only time will tell.
Procrastination is the thief of time.
There is a time for everything.
Time and tide wait for nothing.
Time devours everything.
Time is a great healer.
Time is money.
Time once lost can't be regained.
Unusual times call for unusual measures.



My Time-Management


    First of all, I respect my time. I am choosy about the things I want to spend time on. It is not difficult for me to manage my time. I take time out for myself and indulge in activities that interest me, like reading, listening to music, roaming and spending time with my ‘real well-wishers’. The work I do is my passion. It is creative and fulfilling. Still, I try to balance work and ‘leisure’ time, without mixing the two as far as I can. I don’t completely give up one for the other, and always try to manage both. I make time for myself and my hobbies and interests.


    Each one of us has a unique way to achieve work-life balance. Work-life balance is an art of managing time. It is the key to happiness and I know how and when to switch off on an everyday basis.

   My time is precious. I don't waste time on unimportant things. I usually avoid spending a large chunk of my time on things that produces no desirable outcomes for me.

    I have assignd the amount of time I spend on day-to-day activities (e.g. Meditation and Exericse: 30 Minutes, Newspaer reading: 75 Minutes, Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner: 10/15/15 Minutes.). I specially stay focused when I am on the internet. I don't surf the web uncessarily. I don't get tempted to spend my precious time on social media, I sparsely use social networking sites. Reading and answering messages can consume our whole day if we let it. I have set a limit of around half an hour a day for this task. However, I never (or rarely) watch Television.


     I prioritize what is important to me in a day. I do review or change my priorities from time to time but I never waste my time in rearranging my priorities throughout the day. I usually put rigid time management practices into place so that I don't run out of time to complete all of my daily tasks. But due to many unforeseeable events in a particular day, we may not be able to finish everything according to our plan. Moreover many tasks take longer than expected so we need to dedicate some time, say five minutes, to review our priorities every morning and or every night.


    I don’t waste my time on people and projects that do not add value to my life or don’t align with my goals. Instead of promptly accepting invitations or offers, I just say, "I am interested but cannot commit at this point in time." Or ‘I’ll check my schedule and get back to you’.You should have skills to politely refuse to take on more projects than you can handle.


    Finally, I never say or think "I Don't Have Time for Time Management."


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