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   I often get emails from my site visitors from different parts of the world. Obviously, as I am an Indian, I mostly receive emails from India. But visitors from other countries also send me emails often. I get most of the messages from buyers of my books. When you read any particular book then you naturally get interested about the author of the book. Probably this is the reason that most of the emails that I receive are from buyers of my books. 

  Following are some messages that I received from visitors of this website:




  I just wanted to say nice site.
Shreya Mishra, Mumbai, India

  I read your website and found it quite interesting the way you have explained about yourself and the effort you have taken in designing your website and all.
Vinod Khati, India 

  This is indeed one of the best website in "personal category". I have never seen such a wonderful personal website. 
Deependra Singh, India

  The way you have expressed your personal views is really laudable.
D. Paul, United States of America

  This website gives the big picture of one's life. Other people can take clue from this site and shape their life.
L. Cook, Great Britain

  After going through this website, I have got interested in knowing more about you, the owner of this site. I will be waiting for the first edition of your autobiography.
Joseph, S. Africa




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