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Frequently Asked Questions


Table of Contents

  1. I want to talk to you over phone. What is your phone No.?

  2. Where can I meet you in person?

  3. Why do you like to be all alone most of the time?

  4. Who is your best teacher ?

  5. What is your exact time of birth?

1. What is your phone number?

You can contact me via email. As for phone number, I give my phone number to only select people. Moreover, I don't like to talk much over phone.


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2. Where can I meet you in person?

It is easier to meet Prime Minister of India than Manik Joshi! 

Looks like good joke! Doesn't it? 

Ok! I don't like to meet anyone without some solid reason. Anyway, if you could convince me that you have good reason for meeting me then just send me email with all the details. I will reply you at the earliest regarding my decision.


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3. Why do you like to be all alone most of the time?

This is just my nature. I like to be alone. But while alone, I never feel lonely.


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4. Who is your best teacher?

I was taught by around 100 teachers during 18 years of my student life. However, I don't give the status of "best teacher" to anyone. There are numerous reasons for this. I may disclose it in my autobiography. I may also give some details of each and every teacher - who taught me - in my autobiography. Anyway, as a philosophical answer of this question, I would like to say that "My Experience Is My Best Teacher."


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5. What is your exact time of birth?

I think you might be asking this for some astrological purpose. I don't believe in astrology. Therefore, I intentionally avoided giving my birth time. I don't want someone make my 'Horoscope' and try to 'predict' my future. I give this information to only a few people that too in special conditions. However, I will definitely mention my exact time of birth in the last edition of my autobiography.


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