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    I try my best to send reply to the messages (sent to me via email or contact form) at the earliest. However, it may take me from 24 hours to one week to send reply to any particular message. I also try my best to send reply to every message. But, due to time constraint, it might not be possible for me to send reply to all messages. Sometimes, I get huge numbers of e-mails. In this situation, I obviously read every mail [or at least its 'subject line'] but send reply to only urgent-looking ones. So if you don't get reply, please don't get disheartened. I preserve all emails. This policy shows I respect all my valuable site visitors and email (message) senders. 

    However, many times I get emails from 'spammers' too. I have no respect for these sorts of people. Anyway, I keep their emails in my records as well.

    I generally don't take more than seven days to respond any particular email. If you don't get reply within a week then please don't wait for my reply any longer. But if you think that your email is such important to be replied then you can send another email with the subject line-- reminder + "old subject line"



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Email Messages From 'Print and Electronic Media' 


   Any 'recognized' media personnel may contact me through my 'official' email ID mail[@]manikjoshi.com or manik85joshi[@]gmail.com

I will give priority in sending replies to email messages received from media personnel associated with any recognized media group. However, he or she has to give me proof of their association with recognized media house.

    Please don't contact me via my phone number. I don't like to talk much over phone. Only in very exceptional case or in urgent situation, you can contact me via phone number.  Please also don't try to meet me to have a face to face talk. As I am an extremely reserved person, I generally avoid meeting someone in person. However, email messaging is my favourite mode of communication. Whatever you want to ask, you can ask via email. However, I can't give guarantee to send reply to every message that I may get from media personnel. Obviously, I will give priority in responding to email messages from media groups, but my response is not guaranteed.



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